Seek comfort, meet classic: Adidas Adifom Climacool "Beige" Recommendation

Seek comfort, meet classic: Adidas Adifom Climacool "Beige" Recommendation

These adidas shoes put innovation at the centre of their design. Made for keep-cool comfort, they're like a breath of fresh air for your feet thanks to ventilation that helps regulate warmth. ventilation that helps regulate warmth. Soft cushioning makes every step feel plush, and an interior mesh lining fits like a sock. A bio-based material shapes the outer shell into rugged style made modern.

Breathable and refreshing for summer

The Adidas Adifom on sale trainers feature a retro-inspired design with clean lines and a fresh, muted colour palette. The beige upper is paired with a white sole for a clean and crisp look.

The upper is made from synthetic leather and mesh fabric for breathability. There are multiple ventilation holes that can effectively promote air circulation and help keep your feet cool. The toe has a rounded design with soft lines. There is a rubber patch at the top of the toe that serves to protect the toe.

The sides of the shoe feature three iconic Adidas stripes, a classic element of the Adidas brand. The stripes come in a white and beige colourway that coordinates with the overall tone of the shoe.

The heel is raised for good support. There is the Adidas Trefoil logo, another classic element of the Adidas brand. The sole is made of rubber for good grip and abrasion resistance. The sole is textured to provide extra slip resistance.

There is soft padding at the tongue and collar for a comfortable fit. There is a lifting loop on the tongue for easy on and off of the shoe. Adidas branding is printed on the inside of the shoe.

Bio-based materials mould the outer shell into a modern rugged style. The upper is made from a range of recycled materials and contains at least 50% recycled content. One of the solutions to help eliminate plastic waste.

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A classic revisited with the same comfort

The discount sale Adidas Adifom was inspired by the game of tennis. In tennis, players run around the court for long periods of time and need breathable shoes to keep their feet cool. To meet this need, Adidas designers developed Climacool technology, which provides breathability through multiple ventilation holes in the upper.

The Adidas Adifom Climacool trainer made its debut in 1992. At the time, the shoe was distributed by tennis player Stefan Edberg, who won the 1992 Wimbledon Championships and several other major tournaments wearing the Adifom Climacool trainer.

Since its debut, the Adifom Climacool has been updated several times. Adidas has made many improvements to the shoe, including the use of new materials, new technology and new designs. However, the core design philosophy of the Adifom Climacool has remained the same: to provide a comfortable and breathable trainer.

The Adidas Adifom Climacool trainer has a long history and a loyal fan base. The shoe is known for its comfort, breathability and style.

Versatile style with ease

The Adidas Adifom 30 % off sale trainers are a versatile trainer that can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Try them with a T-shirt and jeans or slacks: it's the simplest and most classic way to wear them. The beige upper will go well with the colour of your jeans or slacks.

Or pair them with gym shorts and a sweatshirt: for casual sports, the breathability of the Adifom Climacool will help keep your feet cool.

Try it with leggings and a short top: leggings and a short top show off your proportions, and Adifom Climacool trainers add a casual touch to the look.

As the Adifom Climacool trainers are beige in colour, be careful not to wear them with darker colours, as they are a casual trainer and therefore not suitable for formal wear.

The Adidas Adifom Climacool "Beige" trainers are a comfortable, breathable, retro style and affordable trainer for everyday wear or casual sports.


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