track sos equipment installation method

track sos

(1) Check the equipment

Check whether track sos equipment looks good and whether relevant accessories are complete.

(2) Install the SIM card

Turn on the device and put the SIM card into the card holder. Do not use excessive force to damage the card seat. Do not insert or remove the SIM card when the locator device is powered on. Ensure that the SIM card has the Internet access function.

(3) Select the installation position of the terminal

A. Waterproof: The track sos terminal should be kept dry by choosing a position that is not easy to enter water. It should be kept away from the air conditioning outlet to prevent condensation water from accumulation inside the terminal when the temperature difference changes, which will seriously affect the service life of the product.

B. Shockproof: The track sos terminal cannot be installed in a position with high vibration for a long time.

C. Anti-interference: The track sos terminal should be far away from electronic equipment such as audio and video and intercom in the car to prevent conducted interference and radiation interference.

track sos