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How to Make Gil in FFXIV

As many players discover in FFXIV, Gil is essential for purchasing items. Luckily, the game provides various avenues for quickly earning this in-game currency.

Joining treasure map parties can be an excellent way to generate Gil, as loot from these dungeons often sells well on the market board. This method can be particularly profitable during new patches.

  1. Buy gil

Gil is currency in FFXIV that players use to buy weapons, armor and other items from merchants or monsters that drop loot as loot; players can also obtain it from treasure chests.

Questing, crafting and farming are excellent ways to earn Gil in f14 gil, though players can also increase their earnings on the Market Board when beginning a new patch.

  1. Sell gil

Selling Gil is an effective way to make money in Final Fantasy XIV, especially for crafters and Gatherers who can sell their items via the Market Board for considerable sums each week.

The game also rewards players who complete daily quests and the challenge log - both of which can quickly earn Gil. Unfortunately, these methods don't compare with combat-focused methods for making Gil.

  1. Trade gil

Players can earn Gil in various ways. For instance, they can sell loot from dungeons or raids on the Market Board, items from their FC box through Grand Company sales to other players and retainer ventures to other players for profit.

Currency flipping is another popular means of earning Gil, though it requires knowledge of the market and demand for certain gear.

  1. Craft gil

Make lots of gil in Final Fantasy XIV quickly by participating in daily roulettes and challenge logs - these challenges offer both Gil and EXP rewards - one of the easiest ways to generate wealth in this RPG!

Equipment obtained through Monster Kills or Errands may also be sold. Furthermore, you may complete Dungeons to earn Gil and find high-level gear that you can sell at a profit.

  1. Gather gil

Based on your Job, Gil can be earned through various activities. Gatherers can make plenty of Gil by selling materials on the market board; while combat players can easily rake in thousands by conducting leves and running dungeons.

Treasure Maps can also provide a great way to earn Gil. Not only can these offer free gil, but there is the potential for dropping expensive gear that could sell for a premium price.

  1. Farm gil

Players in Final Fantasy XIV earn Gil by completing quests, leves, dungeons and killing monsters. A large sum of Gil can allow for convenient teleportation around the game world at will; purchase catch-up gear to access higher content; and stockpile food and potions in storage.

The most reliable way to earn Gil is through selling items on the Market Board at slightly discounted rates compared to competing sellers.

  1. PvP gil

Miners and Botanists are two of the most rewarding professions for making Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, being capable of deciphering Treasure Maps and taking part in highly lucrative Treasure Hunts.

Treasure Hunts should always be done as part of a group to ensure all can get past the monster protecting the loot, then sell gear and Gil on the Market Board to other players.




  1. Dungeon gil

Gil can be earned in Final Fantasy XIV through killing enemies and selling items, equipment, and Materia to buy it back at a reasonable price. Gil may also be obtained through treasure spheres and Mug NMs or beastmen (although these yield insignificant amounts).

Gil is the main currency used by players of Final Fantasy XIV, and allows them to acquire weapons, furniture and mounts. Furthermore, advancing through its end-game content also requires Gil.

  1. Wondrous Tails gil

Final Fantasy XIV's approach to content refresh is masterful, keeping both experienced players and newcomers alike engaged with its wide array of familiar yet new offerings. Wondrous Tails is one such weekly activity which rewards those for fulfilling duties from past expansions or patches.

To unlock this activity, players must reach Level 60 and access Idyllshire in Heavensward MSQ. At this point, they can speak with Khloe Aliapoh - an NPC from Miqo'te tribe - who can then initiate conversation.

  1. Crafting gil

Gil is the primary form of currency in Final Fantasy games and players can gain it through defeating enemies and selling items, or by finding treasure chests filled with item spheres containing Gil. Furthermore, subquests offer additional chances to obtain this in-game resource.

Players in Final Fantasy XIV can generate significant gil by completing leves or missions that earn them gear, cosmetics, mounts and houses - an easy and passive way to earn much-needed gil. Leveling alone offers only limited gains.



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