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Path of Exile Currency Guide

Though unassuming in appearance, Path of Exile's complex currency system makes the Scroll of Wisdom invaluable. This invaluable item identifies unnamed items by revealing their base types and implicit modifiers - providing invaluable identification services in Path of Exile's world of exile.

Each currency item in Path of Exile serves a special purpose in its role in contributing to its economy, so this guide will examine some of the more frequently encountered ones and their unique uses and values.

The Scroll of Wisdom

Path of Exile stands out from its peers by featuring an unusual currency system made up of orbs - making the game particularly difficult for newcomers.

Scrolls of Wisdom are one of the basic currency items and serve a critical function. They can help identify unidentified items and strongboxes from their gray "unknown" status to white "identified", thus revealing their modifiers so you can equip or sell them to vendors.

As identified magic, rare, or unique items tend to sell for higher amounts at vendors than unidentified counterparts, it's wise to keep a stack of Scrolls of Wisdom handy at all times so you can quickly identify items or strongboxes without returning to town.

The Regal Orb

The Regal Orb is a highly useful currency item in Path of Exile. It possesses the unique power to unlock magical items' full potential and turn them into rare gems capable of taking players to unimaginable heights of power.

When used, the Regal Orb grants magic items random modifiers which enhance existing attributes or introduce valuable new ones, expanding gearing options and helping players tailor builds more closely align with their desired playstyle and combat capabilities. This dynamic process can significantly expand gearing choices while helping tailor builds specifically towards player playstyle and combat capabilities.

Players can acquire Regal Orbs either by finding blue magic items, or through specific league mechanics that provide them as rewards - such as completing high-tier Heist Blueprints/Contracts in Rogue Harbor, or opening fossil/currency chests deeper within Azurite Mine that sometimes give out Regal Orbs as drops.

The Ancient Orb

The Ancient Orb is one of three primary currencies in poe currency buy - along with Regal Orb and Exalted Orb - used to reroll unique items that match its class into new unique items of its same kind.

Benefits of Rerolls include being able to turn a normal item into a magic one and rare ones into uniques, opening up opportunities to find high-tier uniques such as Headhunters, Starforges, or Atziri's Disfavour that can prove invaluable for endgame content creation.

Contrary to its Orb of Chance counterpart, which places limits on reforging unique items like Lioneye's Remorse from lower level uniques such as Lioneye's Remorse into higher tier items that could prove more useful, the Ancient Orb appears not to impose such constraints when reforging uniques like them. This gives players more chances at recycling low ilvl uniques into higher tier items that have greater utility.



The Vaal Orb

Vaal Orbs are an alternative form of currency found within certain monsters, chests, and containers. Arcanist's Strongboxes also occasionally drop them. Once collected, these Vaal Orbs can be used to corrupt items by adding or changing implicit mods; changing socket colors; or even turning gems into unique jewels! This currency can also be used to upgrade equipment by upgrading equipment modules directly, adding implicit mods directly; or even turning gems into unique jewels - giving rise to unpredictable but potentially powerful modifications; upgrade equipment upgrades by upgrading equipment upgrades, adding or changing implicit mods; upgrading equipment upgrades while also potentially powerful mod changes; and transform gems into unique jewels.

Utilizing Vaal Orbs on maps is one of the best ways to increase their value in Wraeclast economy. A skillful use can turn an otherwise low-tier map into something more valuable, or add powerful implicit modifications that increase its price significantly. While using them on other items may prove riskier but could bring even bigger returns.

The Mirror of Kalandra

Mirror of Kalandra is one of the most valuable items in the game and plays an essential part in building powerful and effective characters. Unfortunately, however, its acquisition can be quite challenging; unlike currency items like Chaos Orbs or Exalted Orbs.

Monsters, chests and destructible loot containers like the Arcanist's Strongbox may drop it as loot containers that destruct when attacked; however, its cultivation requires years of hard work. Players can obtain the Mirror of Kalandra through divination cards found in The Alluring Abyss, a level 80 end game region where Atziri, Queen of Vaal is battled. Divination cards drop weighted randomly; therefore more commonly they offer Orbs of Transmutation than rarer Mirrors of Kalandra.



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